Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Are The First Choice For Maximum Value, Output And The Most Ecological Choice!

Heat Pumps provide full coverage for the needs of any building for cooling, heating and hot water. Heat Pumps are thermal amplifiers that pump heat from the environment and through a cold compression cycle transfer to the desired area. Heat pumps have the advantage of being completely exempt from any fuel consumption since the only requirement for their operation is the power supply factor with even higher efficiency compared to the power they consume. The Hitachi Yutaki heat pumps are ranked among the top choice as they have the highest COP index in the market and their contribution an energy demand which emits a significant CO2 reduction

  • High efficiency for cooling / heating
  • Production of hot water.
  • Impressive energy saving
  • Low operating costs.
  • Compact dimensions for simple installation and easy maintenance

What Does A Heat Pump Offer?

A heat pump is a device that uses the environment to heat or cool a space. Home heating and cooling systems are air-to-water heat pumps available as Yutaki monobloc or split type. Air source heat pumps provide an economical alternative to traditional heating systems.

More specifically, the energy used by the heat pump does not participate in increasing or decreasing the temperature but is only necessary for the operation of the pump. Therefore, the heat pump is an environmentally friendly option and a renewable energy source. It does not need fuel to provide heating or cooling in any space. A heat pump is a unit or system that can pump heat energy from one “tank” and transfer it to another, meeting the thermal requirements of the space all year round.

In summer, heat is pumped from inside the house and discharged into the outside environment, reducing indoor temperature. The better separated (insulated) the “tanks”, the smaller the leaks from one tank to another, reducing pump operating time.

During the winter, the use of Heat Pumps serves to extract heat from the environment. The coolant expands and cools in the outside machine, gaining heat from the cold, winter environment. The extracted heat is used to raise the temperature and is channeled (with the help of an underfloor system – FCU terminal units / low temperature radiators) into the interior of a residence.

Rises in electricity strongly define the energy market prices and the increasingly monopolistic position that individual energy providers hold. A photovoltaic system will allow you to counteract these trends and produce your own environmentally friendly solar power.

Heat pumps use electricity only to move their mechanical parts. Thus, unlike conventional systems, they need only 25% of electricity, while the remaining 75% is absorbed free of charge by the environment. In addition, DC Inverter technology allows the pump to change its efficiency while maintaining a constant heating capacity even when the outside temperature is very low.

Air-water Heat Pump type, “Monobloc”, consists of only one outdoor unit with integrated hydraulic package and technology “Scroll DC Inverter”. Its design is the ideal solution for new installations or replacing an old traditional boiler—available models with thermal efficiencies from 4.30 to 16.00 kW.

  • Offers heating/cooling and hot water up to 60 ° C
  • For underfloor heating systems
  • fan coils for cooling and low-temperature panel radiators.
  • Yield up to 5.25 from the best on the market
  • High-speed system response
  • Ability to control the temperature of two zones with two different temperatures at the same time
  • Easy and smart control
  • New models (2HP & 3HP) that use R32 refrigerant more efficiently and environmentally friendly can be combined with solar panels and other water heating systems.
  • Space-saving
  • Their high efficiency offers the proper temperatures with minimal energy consumption.
  • Their energy class A ++ and A +++ ensures savings in the bills
  • Reduction of electricity consumption and environmental impact
  • Renewable energy with guaranteed savings
  • Simple installation and easy maintenance
  • Low noise levels
  • Elegant and light design
  • Adapts effortlessly to the needs of modern and old houses
  • Duration and reliability
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