Photovoltaic Systems Maintenance

We ensure the maximum performance of your photovoltaic systems

Many people benefit from clean, low-cost energy produced by their solar system. However, we want to ensure that your system is performing at its optimal level, so you continue to reap the benefits for many years to come.
Cypenergia launched a new maintenance service for these systems and to provide a hassle-free service to its clients.

The maintenance performed by Cypenergia technicians is a series of verification routines on photovoltaic panels, inverters, batteries, and cables. In this way, we guarantee the owners that their systems are performing at their peak efficiency, avoiding future problems or severe damage that can cause low electric power production and efficiency losses.

The Inverter does not require significant maintenance. However, it is advisable to do so once a year. Inverter service checks for dirt (dust, weeds, or other debris) that may lead to a loss of power and insufficient cooling. We also verify that the generated data by the Inverter is logical and coincides with those visible in the inverter display.

During the maintenance check, we verify the fan cooling system’s correct operation, conduct reverse assembly checks, and clean the mechanisms as we do so.

During the inverter maintenance, the ventilation air ducts will be checked and cleaned. The Inverter has ventilation air ducts on both sides, and as the Inverter sucks air through the fan at the bottom, it lets it escape on the other side. Therefore, it is necessary to unlock and clean the vent air ducts inside the Inverter to achieve greater heat dissipation for the cooling system.

We check for wear and tear of the Electronic Solar Switch, ensuring that the connectors or terminals do not show signs of discolouration through overload heating or short circuit damage.

PV (Photovoltaic) systems do not require constant maintenance. However, it is advisable to maintain the module’s front (glass side) clean to ensure that energy production is unaffected. Removal of dust or debris is carried out using a microfibre cloth and ethanol on the glass of the photovoltaic panels. Cypenergia Technicians will perform a series of tests to verify the voltage of each panel. These tests analyse whether the panels have
production defects and hot spots that can produce a voltage reduction. Our technicians will also check the electrical connections to ensure they are well adjusted and do not show signs of oxidation.

Connectors and terminals (including the cables for ground protection connection and retightening of all terminal points): A terminal connection that is not making correct physical contact can always produce an electric arc, which can cause an increase in temperature, even a spark or short-circuit, causing a possible operational failure in the device. To avoid such a severe problem with the device in the future, it is essential to test whether there are mechanical or electrical overload stresses. Therefore, in specific PV systems (OFF-GRID), battery maintenance is crucial. During the inspection, it is recommended to observe the water level in each compartment periodically. If the water level is low, demineralised water must be used to stabilise the water level.
Furthermore, the terminals must be inspected to check whether they present signs of corrosion and are well adjusted. Finally, one should check whether there is sulfation meaning there is gas in the battery and, therefore, a failure of the charging control system. PV owners can make routine checks (daily / monthly / quarterly) to help prevent possible damage.


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