Company Overview


Since 2012 Cypenergia has been providing turnkey solar solutions adapted to each customer’s individual needs.

Our achievements place our company among the leaders in the field of energy, in Cyprus, with outstanding price-performance ratio solar plants that transform solar energy into green assets by maximizing value and mitigating risks. Our experience and recognized capabilities have enabled us to manage all the areas within a Solar Development project from utility-scale, centralized energy solar and distributed solutions. CYPENERGIA has the capability to develop, construct, operate and optimize the operation of solar projects utilizing photovoltaic (PV) technology farms.

Turnkey Business Model

Cypenergia can provide feasibility, detailed design, project management through to construction, connecting the station to the EAC network, finance, ownership, asset sale or continued energy generation. Contract preparation with a detailed delivery schedule and a written guarantee to sustain the high standards of operation and performance ensuring the security of the customer. Cypenergia also provides full information on the cost of an investment, the projected IRR return from region to region, the administrative governmental procedures such as: detailed written technical, environmental studies, architectural plans, full documentation of the choice of equipment and construction materials, the estimated time frame to complete the project and operation/ maintenance costs. We prepare all financial and technical studies that will be required by CERA (Cyprus Energy Regulatory Association) responsible for issuing the final production

Cypenergia makes the following commitment to the client:

  • Strict supervision throughout construction by trained foremen for quality construction and absolute compliance with the timetable and safety standards.
  • Carefully trained and locally organized technical department for immediate intervention and rapid resolution of technical issues.
  • Organized warehouses with spare parts and stock materials from all the machines installed in its customers' parks.


Interested in Photovoltaic Systems or any other energy saving solution?

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