Commercial Photovoltaic Systems

Complete solutions with perfect designs

From the beginning of our cooperation and even after the completion of construction, CYPENERGIA is by your side. We analyze the requirements of a project and ensure perfect design, functionality, quality and speed of construction.

We offer complete solutions with customized manufacturing costs to suit the client’s capabilities. We offer short investment payback and high financial performance for 25 years.

The benefits

The investment performance of photovoltaics on roofs is excellent and guaranteed for 25 years. Due to high insolation as well as upcoming climate changes, the return on investment is likely to be even higher than predicted with current models. With today’s data, it is calculated that, on average, the investment in a photovoltaic system is amortized in 4-5 years.

The exact financial benefit that the investor will have from the installation of a photovoltaic system depends on the power of the installation, the cost of the investment, the method of financing and the efficiency of the system in kWh (kilowatt hours)

Performance & Financial Benefit

The efficiency of photovoltaic systems depends on the location of the installation, on the orientation and slope of the roof, on whether it is a pitched or flat roof and on the shading factors at the specific point (eg tall trees or other buildings).

CYPENERGIA prepares a complete economic and technical study for each photovoltaic system it installs. In this study, all the above factors are calculated and the results are presented in detail in the issue of the study. This enables the investor to know precisely all the parameters and financial figures of the investment, from the equipment specifications and implementation costs to the efficiency in kWh for the specific point, the annual income, the payback time and the financial benefit .

Advantages with CYPENERGIA

Visit to your site to check the existing project

Update on our products and services, offering the appropriate solutions according to the particularities of each project

Information on any funding from government organizations or the European Union for the complete construction of the photovoltaic system

Construction with the most appropriate materials for maximum system performance

Maintenance and technical support of the photovoltaic system

Strict supervision throughout construction by trained foremen for quality construction and strict adherence to schedule and safety standards.

Carefully trained and locally organized technical department for immediate intervention and rapid resolution of technical issues.

PV system performance warranty and monitoring

Organized warehouses with spare parts and materials from all the machines installed to serve its customers.


Interested in Commercial Photovoltaic Systems?

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